A mediator listens neutrally to both parties and does not make judgments about what is said.


Mediation helps you see eye to eye

despite the size of your difference.


The art of Mediation is a collaborative process .which focuses on compromise and explores how both sides might come to an equitable outcome.  A mediator is a neutral third party guiding a discussion between two (or more) parties.  A mediator does not take sides, represent either party or decide who is right or wrong in the disputed situation.   The purpose of a mediator is to assist the parties to have a productive conversation that results in a resolution of their conflict.

Mediation invites the parties to "come to the table" to discuss their issue(s), keeps the power of the decisions between them rather than having an outside party i.e. court decide what will happen.  Mediation focuses on the here and now as well as the future.  While the history of the situation is acknowledged, mediation sessions do not dwell on the past.

Mediation is private, privileged and confidential.  Anything that is said in mediation stays in mediation.  Nothing said in any stage of mediation can be brought up in court, used against the other party or divulged by the mediator to the opposite party, just as the mediator cannot be brought into court to testify for either party.  This provides for a safe and comfortable environment in which you can freely express yourself without fear of repercussion  from the other party.


Ours is a direct and focused mediation style that is result oriented.  It is our goal to assist our clients to participate in a productive, effective and efficient mediation process that produces results that aid the client and their counsel in moving forward with their legal process.

When a party or their attorney contacts our office for mediation, scheduling begins as soon as both parties indicate a willingness to participate in the process.  We offer flexible scheduling to accommodate our clients' needs.  It is our goal to schedule, mediate and provide the client and their attorney with completed paperwork within 30 days of the initial notification.

Additionally, our office works closely with our clients' attorneys, notifying them of mediation scheduling as well as the results of the mediation.  Each attorney is asked to counsel their client with the realistic outcome the client may anticipate both in mediation and in the courtroom setting.  Once the  mediation has taken place, documentation will be forwarded to the client and their attorney for review in a timely manner.  If it is determined that a case is not appropriate for mediation, a letter will be sent to the Court, client and their attorney.


Mediation is offered at $75.00 per hour per party.  Each party is responsible for their own payment.  We offer a variety of payment options including cash, debit cards, MC, Visa, Discover and AM Ex.


Kathy Gabrielle-Madelung is a Nebraska Supreme Court approved Parenting Plan Mediator and is trained in Basic, Family and Special Alternative Dispute Resolution.  Kathy's background also includes Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Nursing, Recreational Therapy (C.T.R.S), wedding coordinating/event planning, private catering and baking.  Kathy is married to founding attorney Bill Madelung.